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Famous Maltese

Famous Maltese Dogs

Celebrities that Own Maltese Dogs

It is not uncommon for stars and celebrities to own small toy breeds, and the Maltese is no exception. Quite a few notable actors and actresses currently own or have had a Maltese dog.
One of the most famous Maltese is also one of the richest dogs. Leona Helmsley's Maltese dog named Trouble was left a $12 Million dollar trust fund.

Her will declared that the dog was to be buried alongside her and her late husband in a mausoleum. Leona also left 3 million for the continuous care of that mausoleum.

A judge later overturned this, and the Maltese was given only $2 million dollars.
Halle Berry has two famous Maltese dogs. She has both a male and a female. They are named Willy and Polly.

This famous actress has been seen taking her dogs to many places and often brings them along to photo shoots.
Heather Locklear has a beautiful male Maltese dog. This little guys’ name is Harley. We would assume, named after the famous motorcycle.
Torrie Wilson, the famous WWE wrestling star and TV personality, owns 2 dogs. One of them is this famous Maltese named Chloe. Her other dog is a Chihuahua. In interviews, she has said that considers them to be her babies.
Elizabeth Taylor was photographed holding a variety of toy sized breeds over the years. One of the most famous was a Maltese named Sugar. 

When Sugar passed away, she then got a new Maltese named Daisy, so she definitely loved the breed. 
Anna Nicole Smith made this Maltese famous by being photographed with her often. Since this actress was a huge fan of Marilyn Monroe, the name of her Maltese was Marilyn.  
Eva Longoria has a famous Maltese named Jinxie. She considers her dog to be part of the family. In fact, Jinxie followed her down the aisle when she married Tony Parker.
Lindsay Lohan, a former child model and current actress, has an adorable famous Maltese named Chole (the same name as Torrie Wilson's dog).
Other celebrities that have or had Maltese include:

The famous Frank Sinatra, Liberace, Lee Remick, Kristin Chenoweth, Mia Farrow, and Star Jones.
Royalty that have owned Maltese include:

Mary Queen of Scots, Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria, Josephine Bonaparte and Marie Antoinette.

Famous Maltese Dogs on TV and in the Movies

In the 1974 movie Benji, a Maltese had a small role as Tiffany, a dog that Benji befriends. 

The Maltese Dog, a short movie from 2015, starred Skipper The Maltese. The story revolves around two FBI agents, Fong and Wong, solving the dognapping of the famous movie star Skipper the Maltese (the dog's name did not change for the movie)

A 2011 animated movie called Cinnamon (straight to DVD release), was about a Maltese dog's role in helping two single parents break up but then come together. Brenda Song, an American actress, model, and spokesperson was the voice of Cinnamon. 

A TV show called Lucky Dog, which focuses on re-homing hard-to-place dogs featured a Maltese mix. 

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