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Should I Get a Maltese?
Is a Maltese a Good Dog?

When you are thinking about bringing a puppy into your home, it is not an easy decision about what breed to choose.

Those who have not owned a Maltese before wonder, "Should I get a Maltese?" and "Is a Maltese a good dog?".... It's perfectly fine to question these things...because having a pet is the same as adding to your family.  You will want to know that the Maltese is the right choice for you.

We are here to help you learn all about this breed, about Maltese behavior, appearance, what you can expect in regard to grooming, feeding and much more.

After you read this section, you may wish to take a look around at the other pages of information that we have for you.

We are dedicated to the health and happiness of the Maltese breed...And it is our hope that anyone who answers "Yes!" to the question of "Should I get a Maltese?" will only do so after they learn about this dog and know that they are making the right choice. 
should I get a Maltese
The Maltese is a loving, energetic, small toy sized dog...But this breed is not perfect for everyone!  Learn more about the Maltese here, so that you will make the right decision.


Some compare the Maltese to a Shih Tzu.  The 2 dogs may look similar because they both can have the "Show Dog" look of long, flowing hair that reaches the floor, giving the dog a very elegant appearance. They can also both have the "Family Cut" or "Puppy Cut" which keeps their hair short giving them an adorable look of a puppy no matter what the age.  However, the Shih Tzu is much larger at 9 to 16 pounds (4.08 to 7.25kg) and the Maltese is a very small dog at 4 to 6 pounds (1.81 to 2.72 kg).  The other huge difference is that a purebred Maltese will be pure white...with no other color to the coat.  The desired look will be snow white with black halos and points...which means that the nose and eye rims will be a solid, pure black.

What does a Maltese look like when they are a puppy and also when they are an adult dog? With the "Puppy Cut", this dog will always look like a puppy. 

is a Maltese a good dogWhen you are wondering, "Should I get a Maltese", knowing about the size of this dog is very important...It will dictate the type of activities you will do and how much room you will need for your canine family member to run around, sleep and more.

 This is one of the most wonderful aspects to choosing to have a Maltese as your toy dog.  With just about every Maltese under 7 pounds (3.17 kg) as a top adult weight, this breed is perfect if you wish to have a small but sturdy dog who will always look as cute as a button.

All purebred Maltese dogs are white; some are a darker white which is called ivory. With a cute little nose, shiny dark eyes and soft hair, this breed (when groomed properly) always looks picture perfect.

If the thought of keeping up the long "Show Dog" look sounds overwhelming, not to worry!  Just about 1/2 of all Maltese owners choose to keep their dog's coat short and simple with a simple haircut.  For those of you who want a little dog that you can add a bit of pizazz to with doggie clothes, the Maltese is perfect.  This little breed generally loves to wear dog clothes.  Once thought of as just a choice of appearance, dog clothes are now becoming very popular as not only a way to make your little dog look cute, but also as protection.  It is has been clinically studied that dog clothing protects small breeds from the sun (which can give sunburns on the tummy, paws and nose) and unpleasant weather conditions (such as keeping your Maltese dry from the rain).

Maltese dogsOther Reasons a Maltese is a Good Dog Breed to Bring Into Your Home

If you are still not sure of what kind of toy dog to get, there are plenty of more reasons why the Maltese is the perfect pet:
  • This breed is a wonderful family pet with a great personality and is also a perfect dog for a single person who wants a close companion.  Their general personality is happy, playful and loyal.  Note: Care should be taken in a home with very small children, as this is a very fragile dog. Rough play can  injure a Maltese.
  • The size of the Maltese dog makes it easy to take him or her with you just about anywhere.  If you are traveling, their crate will be small and easy to bring along.  Unlike a Chihuahua which tends to become very nervous in new situations and shows this by shaking, the Maltese is easy going and generally very content as long as they are with their owner
  • The size of your home is not important.  The Maltese is very happy living in a small apartment or a huge home.  Their size and intelligence allows and owner to choose to litter train this breed.  This dog can be trained to eliminate just as a cat does, in a litter box.  This makes for easy mornings in cold weather; when an owner does not need to shovel a path in the snow just to allow the dog outside!
  • The life span of a Maltese is very long compared to some other breeds.  If great care is given to this breed, the dog will live 18 years, even longer in some cases. One of the most important health elements is to keep the Maltese away from hot and/or damp weather.  Unlike the Boxer, who is prone to tumors or other breeds with predispositions to certain diseases, the Maltese is generally a very healthy breed.

Important Care

Having a Maltese is akin to having a baby or toddler. Your Malt is going to depend on you to know exactly how to care for both their emotional health and physical health.  Some of the elements an owner must know about are:
  • Introduction to Home & Family
  • Why the Name of your Maltese is So Important
  • Multiple Dog Issues
  • The top 24 Behavioral Issues with Detailed Training for Each
  • The 34 Most Important Health Issues
  • 11 Most important Training Step-by-Step Directions
  • Detailed Grooming Instructions....And So Much More
  • This is the most helpful Maltese book available.... Click Here to Learn More

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