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Maltese History
Yes, Your Maltese has a Nationality! 

Let's take a look at the history of the Maltese dog.

Where did the Maltese come from and what are its origins? The Maltese breed has been on this world for at least 29 centuries.  Dating back so far has caused a bit of debate as to the exact origin of the dog.

However, evidence shows that the Maltese breed most definitely became abundant on the Island of Malta.

This small, beautiful isle is off the coast of Italy. Because this dog, although perhaps originating elsewhere, began to flourish in Malta, this is the official location of Maltese origin; giving this wonderful breed its name.

Malta is located in the Mediterranean Sea

The Move into Europe & Egypt

Once this breed was established in Malta, historians speculate that trading is what prompted the spread of the Maltese dog into Egypt.  Some believe that this breed was produced and refined by mixing light colored  Poodles and miniature Spaniels; although one can only speculate.  As traders began to bring the dogs into Europe, their popularity increased.  Once the Maltese breed  descended into  Egypt, the Maltese truly ruled~

Hieroglyphics show us that In Egypt, harem women were given  Maltese dogs as companions.   This dog was believed to have the power of healing.  Ancient Egyptians would place a Maltese puppy in the area in which they slept, with the belief that would then have their health restored while they slept.

The Move into Britain

Maltese history shows us that during the 1500's, the breed made its way into Britain. By this time, the standard color of white was well established.   Queens of England  pronounced the Maltese dogs to be of royalty and they were certainly treated so. They were give only the highest quality human food and luscious sleeping areas. Owning a Maltese was a symbol of statue and importance.   It was then that only the wealthiest could afford to have this dog.

Into the United States

In the 1800's the Maltese finally reached the United States.  This dog's popular spread very quickly and by 1888, the Maltese was winning all-breed dog show events.  This dog is now noted as in the top 15 most owned and loved breeds...and one of the most popular toy sized dogs.

Below you will see the travel that this breed took...beginning on a small island in the Mediterranean Sea and ending in the UK. We are lucky that the Maltese breed was strong enough to evolve from a small grouping that was separated from other countries...fortunately the bloodlines were strong and all of us have the opportunity to own this amazing dog.



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