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Maltese Health
Maltese Dog Health Problems

There are quite a few aspects to take care of your Maltese and keep your dog healthy and happy.

A loving owner should take time to keep their dog healthy with:

  • Preventive care
  • Healthy food
  • Proper exercise
  • A Daily Checklist to look for red flag signals
Most owners find it helpful to have a routine to keep their Maltese healthy.  Establishing a routine is not only good for you, it is helpful for your dog as well.
Maltese HealthDaily Health Check

There may be times when you are not sure if your Maltese is ill;  is your dog just tired?  Are allergies affecting them?  Or does your Maltese have a health issue?  This checklist will help you determine the overall health of your pet and signal any red flag warnings for Maltese health problems.

Temperature:  One of the 1st signs of a medical problems in canines is their internal temperature. Like humans, a dog has a "normal resting temperature" .  For canines, it is 101 degrees Fahrenheit (38.33 Celsius). If you suspect that your Maltese is sick, take their temperature (this is done anally).  If it is above 102.5 F (39.16 C) see the vet ASAP.

The Nose:  Any discharge is a sign of a health concern and a Maltese with a runny nose may be experiencing anything ranging from allergies to a sinus infection.   Elderly  Maltese dogs  may  develop cracks that can be very sensitive  and prone to infection.  Medicated lotion  should be applied and can be obtained from your dog's veterinarian. 

The Eyes:  A bit of discharge is normal; most owners use doggie eye wipes as part of routine grooming to cleanse this area.  However excessive discharge is a warning sign and should not be ignored.

Mammary Glands and Testicles:  These areas should be checked on female and male Maltese dogs respectively.  Any swelling is a sign that a vet checkup should be scheduled.

Odor: A bad odor coming from the mouth, nose or ears of a Maltese is a health warning sign. This is usually caused by infection.

Breathing:  If your dog appears to be having difficulty breathing, is coughing or is making odd noises while inhaling or exhaling this could be an allergic reaction, a blockage or other serious medical condition.

Maltese Health Problems

Every dog breed is prone to certain canine diseases; the Maltese breed actually is one of the healthiest breeds, being prone to much  fewer diseases and health issues than many other breeds!   Although there are some Maltese heath issues that owners should be aware of.

Knowing which canine disease this breed is prone to, allows owners to keep an eye out for early symptoms.  Catching disease early is the best step that you can take to help your dog with recovery.   Learn the symptoms, causes, diagnosis and treatments.

Aberrant Cilia - An Eye Issue
This is a Maltese dog health issue in which the dog’s eyelashes will grow in abnorla direction. Sometimes, these out-of-control lash hairs are actually extra lashes that are not needed.  This issue can cause discomfort and in rare cases, led to ulceration. 
See more about Aberrant Cilia

While some owners may be surprised, dogs can and do develop asthma.  This can mimic other health issues which cause breathing problems, therefore proper diagnosis is very important.  Prognosis is very good when a dog is given proper medications to control symptoms.  Since breathing difficulties are very dangerous, it is important to have a diagnosis made as soon as possible.
See more about Breathing Difficulties and Canine Asthma

Colitis – A Canine Disease of the Colon
This condition occurs when a dog’s colon becomes swollen and inflamed. The causes of this canine health condition vary greatly and are seemingly unrelated. For example, this may be caused by stress in some cases and by parasites in others.  The clear symptoms of diarrhea and blood in the feces are present no matter what the cause.  Colitis can occur in a Maltese for just a short amount of time and clear up on its own or it may become chronic (lasting a long time – either in intervals or continually).  Treatment is available.
See more about Maltese Colitis

Collapsed Trachea - A Breathing Condition
This is common with small breed dogs.  The cartilage in the dog's windpipe collapses and the dog then has much difficulty breathing.  Certain conditions can make this worse. There are several different treatment options to help a Maltese with this health condition.
See more about Collapsed Trachea

Head Shaking - There are several reasons why a Maltese puppy or dog will shake his head.  This include ear infections, ear mites, idiopathic head tremors.  Learn how to identify the cause of this behavior and steps you can take in regard to treatment.  Maltese Head Shaking.

Hip Dysplasia - A Hip Problem
Hip Dysplasia is common with some small breed dogs such as the Maltese.  With this condition, the ball and socket of the dog's hip slip out of place.  This can cause severe discomfort and an inability to perform daily activities.  Exercising...even walking can become overwhelmingly difficult.  Luckily, there is treatment for this and prognosis is good if caught early.
See more about Maltese Hip Dysplasia

Hydrocephalus - A Brain Disease
This is a disease that is rare, however the Maltese is one breed that is more prone to this health problem than other breeds.  This is a canine health condition in which the fluid that normally surrounds the dog's brain becomes to grow in volume.  It will keep increasing until there is extensive extra fluid.  This can be extremely serous and all Maltese owners should know the symptoms: early detection plays a vital role in successful treatment
See more about Hydrocephalus

Liver Shunt
This happens when there is an obstruction of blood flow from the dog’s liver to the dog’s body.  Because the liver acts as a filter, when blood is not allowed to enter into the liver to filter out, many health conditions will occur.  Luckily, this is treatable in most cases.
See more about Maltese Liver Shunts

Skin Disorders

There are various skin conditions that can affect the Maltese breed. This includes mites, mange, yeast infection and SA. Learn more: Maltese Skin Problems.

Skin Color Issues

Learn about what are normal colors of the Maltese dog's belly, reasons for color change and signs to look for which would indicate skin diseases
See more about Maltese Belly Color

White Dog Shaker Syndrome
This somewhat odd health condition is found much more commonly with the Maltese, of course, than other dog breeds. The dog will have tremors of their entire body.  There are environmental conditions that can trigger this to happen.
See more about White Dog Shaker Syndrome


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