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Pronunciation: Mall-TESE
Common Misspellings: Malteze, Malltese, Maultese, Mallteese
Alternative Names: Maltese Terrier, Bichon Maltiase
Breed Group:   Toy
Weight: 4 -7 lbs (1.81 - 3.18 kg)
Height: 8 - 10 inches (20.32 - 25.4 cm)
Origin: Malta - A small island in the Mediterranean Sea
Date of Origin: 1400 BC or earlier
Ancient Names: Maltese Lion Dog
Purpose: Companion Lap Dog
Life Span: 12-14 years
Colors, Ancient Times: All colors
Colors, Modern Day: White & cream | Tan, yellow marking on ears are permissible

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Female Maltese Issues
Owning a female means understanding all of the details about the Heat Cycle, how spaying plays a role not only with the heat cycle, but preventing cancer.  With any unspayed female Maltese dog, it is important to learn the signs, care and details of Maltese Pregnancy.

Maltese dog pawThis Month's New Topic :
New Years' Resolutions for Your and Your Maltese

Yummy, Healthy Home Cooking for the Maltese

Learn about how manufactured food VS Home Cooking affects the health and behavior of a Maltese. 
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Point of Interest
Over the centuries, the Maltese has been known by several different names.  Long ago, he was known as Canis Melitaeus. Throughout the 1700’s, Roman Ladies Dog, Maltese Lion Dog and Ancient Dog of Malta were all designations for this breed.
The Maltese is known for its sparkling personality and ease of fitting into any family situation.  Extremely dedicated to its owners, this toy breed dog makes a wonderful family companion. Large family or small, this dog breed will show loyalty and love.  Exceptionally intelligent, this dog is quite capable of being fully trained.  In regard to housebreaking, one must take care to keep this breed out of the damp or wet weather; inside training is recommended but this is optional.  See Housebreaking.  Proper training should be implemented in all regards to  barking issues, unwanted chewing and more for a well behaved canine family member.


"Dogs crave friendship. They place it on their short list of needs."


We have the details and facts regarding Tear Stains, which  you will find to be very helpful...In regards to other grooming topics, the Maltese can play a fast game of change in regard to appearance; show dogs will have long, lush coats.  Family dogs will usually have a short cut, creating a "puppy" look.  With only 1 coat, as opposed to the 2 coats a Pomeranian, Shih Tzu or other small breeds have,  particular grooming techniques are suggested for the longer "Show dog" look. Whether you wish to show your Maltese at events or you are grooming a family pet, we discuss all topics of concern regarding grooming and care.  See Grooming Basics , Grooming a Show Dog and our popular Grooming Gone Bad

How much should you feed your dog?  Should you provide wet or dry dog food?  What is best regarding snacks? Should you allow your Maltese to eat human food? What do you do if your Maltese is overweight?  We cover all aspects of how to proper food and nutrition. Discussed are the nutritional, mineral, vitamin and supplement needs of a growing puppy, how many calories he or she requires and how to set firm feeding guidelines for optimal health. See Feeding

Detailed Maltese Topics
There are so many aspects to learning about this breed and owning a Malt.  Our Maltese experts reveal the information most important to you. See Allergies, Tear StainingDental CareExercise  and so much more in our topics listed to the left.   To learn all about the details of Maltese health, including canine diseases that this dog breed is prone to , see our detailed Health Section with easy to read and easy to understand symptoms, diagnosis and treatments.


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